About Us

Mission and History

The Pahara Institute is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify, strengthen, and sustain diverse high-integrity leaders who are reimagining public education, so that every child in America has access to an excellent public school.

The Pahara Institute was launched in 2012, building upon its flagship program, the Pahara-Aspen Fellowship, which was originally created as the Aspen-NewSchools Fellowship in 2006.

Our Purpose

American public schools are not delivering on our promise to prepare every child to achieve prosperity and success. Children from low income and underserved communities do not have access to the quality of educational resources enjoyed by peers in wealthier communities.

To achieve educational excellence and equity at the same time and to live up to our aspirations as a democratic society, we must make bold improvements to our public schools so that every child in America has access to the tools and skills he or she needs to be successful in life.

The Pahara Institute seeks to strengthen the movement for educational excellence and equity by:

  • helping to develop and sustain experienced, innovative leaders
  • identifying and developing the next generation of leaders
  • better connecting leaders across the field, and across traditional silos and stakeholder groups

Our work is to support exceptional, innovative leaders who bring urgency and dedication to ensuring that all our children have access to an excellent public school.