Kameelah Shaheed-Diallo

Kameelah Shaheed-Diallo leads The Mind Trust’s strategic planning and community engagement efforts. In her role, Kameelah works to ensure that community stakeholders are involved and invested in reshaping public education to better serve students. She builds and maintains relationships with community partners and stakeholders to ensure community understanding, realization of opportunity, and investment.

Upon joining The Mind Trust in 2013, Kameelah developed the organization’s first community engagement strategic plan and secured over $200,000 in funding for execution and implementation. Kameelah was also instrumental in facilitating the strategic partnership between The Mind Trust and Indianapolis’s largest school district – Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). The partnership leverages the passage of Indiana Public Law 1321 (passed in 2014), which allows IPS to create Innovation Network Schools – autonomous schools that will operate independently from the central office, and outside the district’s collective bargaining agreement, but will have access to district resources, including buildings. The Mind Trust partnered with IPS to create The Mind Trust’s nationally unique Innovation School Fellowship through which The Mind Trust will incubate Innovation Network Schools.

Prior to joining The Mind Trust, Kameelah practiced law for eight years in New York and Indianapolis. An Indianapolis native, Kameelah also served as strategic advisor to U.S. Congressman André Carson in his 2007 inaugural campaign. As the mother of two school-aged children, Kameelah believes deeply in the importance of improving our public education system. She joined The Mind Trust to advance its efforts to reshape public education in Indianapolis.

Kameelah graduated with a bachelor’s degree from DePauw University and earned her law degree from Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Kameelah stays active in the Indianapolis community by mentoring students at Tindley Collegiate Academy for Girls. She also serves on the board of directors for the Indiana Federal Community Defenders and Early Learning Indiana (formerly Day Nursery).

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