Pahara Nominations: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to submit a nomination?

Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete a nomination.

Can I save a nomination and finish it later?

Yes. You can save an in-progress nomination and resume it later using your email and a password. Note that you may only save one in-progress nomination at a time.

Can I submit more than one nomination?

Yes. You are welcome to submit as many nominations as you like. Simply click the submit link again to begin a new nomination.

How do I know if the Pahara-Aspen Fellowship is the right leadership development program for my nominee?

The Pahara-Aspen Fellowship is most suited for leaders who are at a point in their career where their past leadership experiences have prepared them for a career retrospective – looking back on past leadership decisions and determining how/where to pivot next for greater impact. Ideal nominees will be ready for and interested in a development experience that includes:

  • examining a broad set of values tensions faced by leaders in a highly interactive, Socratic dialogue format;
  • participating within a cohort community that includes a wide array of perspectives;
  • leaning into bridging across multiple lines of difference.

Does my nominee have the ideal experience for the program to be beneficial?

The majority of Pahara-Aspen Fellows are recognized and established thought or sector leaders with a track record of work impacting the field. Most have at least four years of experience at the most senior level of organizational leadership as a founder or chief executive officer, or as a leader of leaders with organizational-level decision-making responsibility. Pahara-Aspen Fellows are often at an inflection point and wrestling with:

  • creating or changing organizations to be more inclusive and innovative;
  • pivoting to think about leadership issues beyond their own organization;
  • vision/direction setting and what it means for individual, organizational, and collective sustainability and leadership legacy.

What happens after I submit a nomination?

Our selection process can be lengthy. We receive and review nominations on a rolling basis year-round and a limited number of leaders are invited to express interest in being considered for a cohort in a given year. Candidates invited to the advanced stages of our process undergo an extensive interview and are advised of our selection decision at the conclusion of our selection cycle.

Many factors are considered when assembling a cohort and creating the right blend of perspectives in each group is a key component of the program’s value and impact on participants. It is not unusual for compelling leaders who meet the criteria of the Fellowship to remain under consideration for multiple cycles until they fit into the mosaic of a particular cohort.