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The Pahara-NextGen Fellowship is a 12 month leadership development program that aims to identify and develop a diverse group of exceptional emerging senior leaders. These leaders have the potential to strengthen and shape the future of the movement for excellence and equity in American education, which is at a critical juncture. As this work evolves, it is important to cultivate and support leaders who bring diverse voices and perspectives, particularly those who represent communities that are currently not well served by our public schools. By identifying individuals who can amplify underrepresented voices, and providing them with high-level leadership development and networking opportunities, this fellowship encourages and supports those who will become senior leaders in the field and helps strengthen the educational equity and excellence movement.


Each cohort of Pahara-NextGen Fellows consists of 20-25 exceptional leaders who will undertake an intensive, year-long experience consisting of three seminars that include a mixture of text-based dialogue and collaborative project activity. Participation will be without cost to Pahara-NextGen Fellows or their organizations, except for incidental expenses incurred. As part of this fellowship, participants will:

  1. Join a community of talented professionals for leadership seminars centered on personal learning and community building.
  2. Receive a unique opportunity to reflect on their leadership values and on the values tensions that exist in the educational excellence and equity movement.
  3. Interact with senior education leaders in the Pahara-Aspen Fellowship through networking and collaboration opportunities.
  4. Develop enhanced skills to increase their ability to bridge historical divides between and within organizations and communities.
  5. Share their unique perspective with other leaders to help shape the future of the educational excellence and equity movement.


The Pahara-NextGen Fellowship is looking for emerging senior leaders who bring diverse voices and perspectives that are currently underrepresented in the field and who have the potential to shape and lead the next phase of the movement for an excellent education for all students.

These individuals will have the following characteristics:

  • Bring underrepresented voices to the movement for equity and excellence in education. We are actively seeking leaders of color, leaders from low-income backgrounds, LGBTQ leaders, rural leaders, and others who will help ensure that the group reflects a truly diverse range of perspectives. In addition to these underrepresented voices, in each cohort we also include allies who have a deep commitment to authentically bridging divides and leading inclusive approaches to problem solving.
  • Be committed to the movement for educational excellence and equity. We seek to support emerging senior leaders who have the potential to shape and lead the next phase of the movement for an excellent education for all students. This requires deep reflection and dialogue about current models and values tensions in the field in order to envision pathways forward.
  • Be seasoned enough to reflect meaningfully on leadership. Candidates should have at least six years of experience with significant professional responsibility. They are likely managing people but may be a few layers removed from the top of their organization. To be ready for this experience, they will have weathered challenges, either professionally or personally, and demonstrated tenacity, perseverance, and maturity.
  • Be creative problem solvers. We are looking for action-oriented leaders who can think beyond traditional boundaries and who have a track record of success.
  • Be committed and ready for greater leadership and impact. We are looking for candidates who have reached, or are nearing, a career inflection point and are seeking to deepen or broaden their leadership.
  • Be willing to come to the table fully open and engaged. Candidates need to be fully present and authentic, to share personal perspectives, and to listen to differing points of view with an open mind and heart.

We strive for diversity in each cohort of Pahara-NextGen Fellows, and seek nominees from diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to: sector, ethnicity, race, religion, socio-economic background, gender, geography, sexual orientation, and political perspective.

Nomination Procedures

We ask your assistance in identifying outstanding individuals for our Pahara-NextGen Fellowship. Individuals may not submit an unsolicited application; they must be nominated by leaders in the field.

Nominators are asked to complete the online form found on the following pages (basic information about you and your nominee). We accept and review nominations on a rolling basis throughout the year. Please use the link below to submit a nomination. You may contact us at with any questions.

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